Applications that can be made to ACAT from 1 November 2019

The ACT Civil and Administrative Tribunal (ACAT) has updated information in relation to the 1 November rental law changes and new applications that  can be made to the Tribunal 

Under the new laws, parties will be able to apply to ACAT about:

  • Rent increases: 
    • A lessor may apply for approval to increase the rental rate more than the prescribed amount, i.e. more than the percentage increase of the rent’s component of CPI plus 10%.
    • A tenant may apply for a review of a proposed increase.
  • Modifications: 
    • A lessor may apply for approval of their refusal to consent to special modifications.
    • A tenant may ask for an order that the lessor unreasonably refused to consent to their request to make a general modification.
  • Pets: 
    • Lessors may seek approval to refuse consent to keep an animal, or to impose a condition for keeping a pet.
    • A tenant may ask ACAT to resolve a dispute about whether a condition is reasonable.

Information sheets

For information about how to make an application, what to expect at ACAT and next steps, see our information sheets about:

For more information about ACAT processes go to our information  Tribunal (ACAT) General Information , or the ACAT website