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International Tenants' Day is an annual event on the first Monday of October. The Tenants' Union is running an art competition and other events. Check out our International Tenants' Day website!

Renting Advice

Renting Advice is the best place to start if you want
to learn about your rights, responsibilities and options for resolving disputes.  You’ll find Factsheets on common renting issues, Sample Letters to help you write to your landlord or property manager, as well as a searchable index of Frequently Asked Questions.  If you are a tenant or occupant and you need further information or specific advice you can contact the A.C.T. Tenants’ Advice Service.

asked questions

You can now search our Frequently Asked Questions by word or topic for answers to tenancy questions that aren’t in our Tenancy Factsheets

FREE Info Sessions

These sessions empower tenants
with information about common issues and strategies for how to resolve problems. The sessions focus on our two most commonly raised issues, bond disputes and breaking a lease.


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