International Tenants’ Day Canberra (ITDCBR)

Each year the Tenants’ Union ACT celebrates International Tenants’ Day in Canberra throughout September and October. In 2018, International Tenants’ Day will fell on Monday 1st October with this year’s theme: ‘Life on a lease, a lease on life’.

With the help of Housing ACT, Streetlaw, ACT Shelter and Better Renting we will hosted a variety of arts events around Canberra.

International Tenants’ Day CBR 2018 wassupported by Belconnen Community Centre and Gallery.

2018 International Tenants’ Day CBR Art Competition Awards

  • First Prize Winner: Silvia Herranz Gonzalez - ‘Crowded Spaces’

  • Second Prize Winner: Megan Malone - ‘Home comfort’

  • Third Prize Winner: Sonali Fernando ‘Monkey Grip’

  • Rachel Corsini - ‘We were once’

  • Ellen Makaryan - ‘Another day gone’

  • Carlsford - ‘Tree free fliers’

  • People’s Choice Winner: Tess Rey Cook - ‘Sunshine’

  • Photographic Prize Winner: Tess Rey Cook - ‘An Image’

  • Kate Reid - ‘RelEASED’

  • Carmon Carlon - ‘Life’

  • We Rent Portrait Project Installation

  • Adie McMaster - ‘I love you a wattle’

  • Eeva Kukkonen - ‘Green, green grass of home’

  • Carmon Carlon - ‘Dogs playing on birthday present’

  • Qisthi Shafira - ‘Loco Coco’

  • Olga McMaster - ‘Rover’

  • Qisthi Shafira - ‘Lonliness’

  • Adrian Trunz - ‘Rock Lessee’

2017 International Tenants’ Day CBR Art Competition Awards



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