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What is rent in advance?

In most tenancies, when you sign your agreement you will be required to pay bond and rent in advance.

Under the standard tenancy terms the maximum of rent in advance that can be required is one month.  The maximum bond is the equivalent of 4 weeks rent (for more information about bond see our […]

Washers – who has to change them?

The Standard Residential Tenancy Terms (SRTT)  set out responsibilities to look after the property.

Your responsibility – Clause 63 states that you should take reasonable care of the property, keep it reasonably clean with regards to the condition of the property at the time you started to live there, and the normal every day use […]

Retaliatory eviction – do I have to move out?

Sometimes tenants who are in a dispute with the landlord may find themselves being served with a notice to vacate, requiring them to leave the property. This might happen, for example, where a tenant takes steps to negotiate a lower rent increase than the landlord is requesting, or tells the landlord that they have received […]

Rent Cards (eg RE Connect) – can I be forced to use them?

Real Estate Agency method of payment issue

The Tenants’ Advice Service has from time to time received calls about issues tenants face regarding the method they use to pay their rent. In the past this occurred when a Canberra real estate agent attempted to force tenants in properties they manage to adopt a specific method of […]

Posting clauses – what are they and when do they apply?

When signing onto a lease both the landlord and tenant can agree to have an additional term –  ‘fair clause for posted people’ included in the lease (section 8(2)(1)).

This is a reciprocal arrangement whereby either the landlord or tenant can give at least 8 weeks’ written notice for the tenancy to be terminated during […]